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Tips for selling gold, silver, and platinum:

1.) Find a reputable and trusted local company. Don't mail your precious metal valuables to anybody. Companies that require you to mail your gold often pay far, far less than local stores. Local store will provide you a quote and pay you cash on the spot, versus waiting weeks to receive a quote and even longer to receive your money with mail-in cash for gold companies. Reputation is important for local companies and they want to earn your repeat business.

2.) Ask them if they use electronic testing or acid testing. Acid testing is the most reliable and accurate form of testing, and will help assure that you're getting a fair appraisal for your gold, silver, and platinum. Electronic testers often innacurrate and mis-identify the karat value of gold. This often results in getting less for your jewelry than you deserve.

3.) Ask what type of certifications the store has. It is important that any company that you're dealing with use the proper equipment, has accurate scales, and is accurately assessing the weight and karat of your items. Certifications require verification of the accuracy of the equipment, testing procedures, and valuation methods used by retail gold buying stores. Look for EZ Gold Exchange Certification or other reputable types of certification.